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Everest mid-mount wing system

Everest mid-mount wing system

The mid-mount system is offered with an 8', 9', 10' or 11' wing blade. The system is designed to improve chassis weight distribution over front and rear axles. It also increases the operators vision of the side wing in both travel and plowing mode from passenger side mirror. The system allows for a clear view for the driver from all windows of the cab during both plowing and travel modes. The side wing rests closer to the chassis in travel mode than a conventional wing.

  • Weight of wing blade and system is 1,900 lbs
  • Spring loaded wing arm helps reduce side impact shocks to chassis.
  • Rear mounted wing lift cylinder for better wing control and holds wing in a ridged position in travel mode.
  • Front and rear built in wing float mechanism to allow the side wing to follow the road surface.
  • Front mount spring loaded wing trip dee designed to allow the side wing to trip forward to overcome road obstacles in plowing path, which minimizes potential wing and chassis damage.